Gender and human rights analysis

Saraco delivers in-depth gender and human rights analyses, where needed based on quantitative and qualitative research. Base your strategy for change on sound research!

Deep, exacting gender and human rights analysis is our first step towards drafting any new bilateral or multilateral cooperation intervention. Regardless of the sector, whether for water and sanitation, energy, agriculture, forestry, education or health, the right analytic tools yield the knowledge and data that form the basis for effective and appropriate policies, strategies and plans for change.

Gender and human rights analysis serves critical purposes in the evolution of new interventions, policies, strategies or action plans.


We focus on:

Recognizing the root causes of gender inequalities, discrimination and human rights abuses. What is really happening? Why is that the case? What are the fundamental reasons and power relations behind discrimination and inequality? The answers help us to address the following questions:

Understanding the consequences of human rights violations, gender inequalities and discrimination more deeply. How do human rights violations and gender inequalities impact each other? Illustrating the scope and costs of discrimination and inequalities to governing stakeholders strengthens buy-in and resolve.

Formulating recommendations to strengthen the realisation of human rights and the promotion of gender equality, is the main purpose of any analysis. Where can and should we start to trigger change? Is this change supported by the local communities and national authorities? Is there a consensus on how the journey of transformation looks like?

Deep dive data is the backbone of Saraco’s expertise in providing analyses, diagnostics, recommendations and answers to stakeholders. While searching for data, information and indicators, we go beyond the binary and let each voice count.

Good practices

Establishing Community Profiles in Chad (2021):

On behalf of IOM Chad, Antoine Rerolle led the development of community profiles from a human rights perspective for the project “Empowering vulnerable young people in Chad to become peacebuilding agents”. The project aims at reinforcing dialogue between youth and authorities in the three provinces of Chad, and at creating economic opportunities for youth of these provinces as alternative to irregular migration towards the extreme north of the country.

The profiles inform about the communities most affected by the phenomenon of youth leaving for a better future, the needs and expectations of youth and the overall migration dynamics in the three provinces. The community profiles provide information for external stakeholders and assist the project team in designing activities for participatory community planning, identifying training needs, and supporting selection of target groups.

Gender Analysis for the Delegation of the European Union in Guinea (2016):

Saskia Ravesloot and Tamba Nestor Tonguino conducted a Gender Analysis for the Delegation of the European Union in Guinea. One of the highlights during the mission was the meeting with the Gender Focal Points of all Ministries of the Guinean Government. Additionally Saraco based its analysis on several focus groups targeting diverse audiences (elderly persons, adolescents, persons living with disabilities, migrants and youg managers of start-ups).

Thought-provoking meetings with other key stakeholders, multi- and bilateral organisations, representatives of civil society and private companies, for example in the mining industry, completed the analysis and framed the recommendations formulated for the EU Delegation. At the same time Saraco provided technical assistance through the revision of the Action Documents in the concentration sectors: infrastructure, social, human rights, governance, health, economy and statistics.

These reviews were complemented by checklists on gender and human rights and sex and gender disaggregated indicators improving intervention management and enabling measuring gender impact and progress on results.

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