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Saskia Ravesloot speaks about Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities (SOGI), human rights and equality with deep knowledge and inspired storytelling  that enlighten and educate. Inspire your audience! 

Saraco's preoccupation with human rights and gender equality and their storytelling based on more than 30 years of working in international cooperation, create an atmosphere of confidence, receiving audience’s full attention.


We Focus on:

Sensitive topics, finding entry points in the international human rights framework to promote the rights of persons at risk of being left behind, like persons of diverse Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities (SOGI). Saskia Ravesloot considers the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) as one of those entry-points. 

Respecting:  Saraco's basic value is to respect diverse backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, facilitating vibrant environments in which each voice counts.

Valuing patience and listening: Each of us has a story to tell, discovering these stories  allows us to find solutions  for shared concerns.

Engaging in dialogue: We do not expect others to think likewise, we engage in dialogue and offer our time and insights to discover feasable pathways for change.

Making bold decisions: Saraco's wide experience in the field of policy-making with various actors at the highest levels of government, combined with an academic background, ensure innovative solutions that inspire youth globally and that make their aspirations a reality.

Good practices

Going beyond the binary

Awarded as best presenter at a recent conference for this talk, Saskia spoke about her research on the process and effects of the Universal Periodic Review withregards to the rights of persons of diverse Sexual Orientations and Gender Indentities. This UN-level process assesses and delivers recommendations on how well Member States respect, protect, and fulfil their agreed human rights commitments.

Her latest presentations concern UPR-recommendations concerning intersex persons and how well the Universal Periodic Review addresses their human rights. Saskia’s research for her master’s degree in International Human Rights Law focussed specifically on all SOGI recommendations within the UPR framework.

Chairing the GSW 2022 

Saskia is Vice-Chair for the upcoming Gender and Women Studies (GSW) to be held on the 28th and 29th of July 2022 (National University of Singapore Society). As a key-note speaker she will present an updated version of the research on UPR-recommendations on Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities, encompassing now more than 3,000 recommendations since 2008.

Specific attention will be paid to the recommendations promoting the rights of intersex persons. Saskia is an ally in the fight against any kind of medical intervention forcing persons with variations in sex characteristics into one of the binary boxes. Together with Gabs Avecedo, Saskia is working on a policy paper on the rights of intersex persons and as such a strong defender of the abolition of Intersex Genital Mutilation, without the free, prior and informed consent of the individual or child involved. 

What project shall we launch together?

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“This was my first class at Sciences Po addressing gender and development with a non-binary perspective, and I am so thankful for it! Saskia provided us a true safe space, encouraging us to open up and share our ideas without any fear of judgement. This allowed for very rich and sincere class discussions. This class helped us overcome the traditional gender binary framework adopted in international development, and made us realize the importance of adopting a context and gender sensitive approach, and to take SOGI minorities into account. Saskia also helped us grow at the individual level through her advices and coaching, giving us confidence to enter our professional life.”

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