In pursuit of equality

Saraco brings aspirations of human rights and equality into reality by strengthening  stakeholders’ capacities and co-creating effective processes for change. Inspire, question and raise your voice with us!



We are convinced that we can create a better world, yet only if everyone gets involved. Together we will leave no one behind. Working on equal footing with youth, the elderly, people living with impairments, the LGBTIQ+ community, migrants and refugees is essential. It’s our ambition to co-create environments that enable us to thrive. By calling upon the accountability of governments and organisations we are committed to shaping a dignified life with equal rights for all.


The vision of ‘what if it were different’ has fuelled years of international field work and advanced degrees. Together we look for answers to questions such as: Why is it so difficult to eradicate violence against women, girls and children? How can adolescents start their own businesses? Which capacities do we need to strengthen at political level to promote gender responsive budgets? Based on analysis, data and insights, Saraco provides recommendations for sustainable solutions and sound decision-making.  


Awareness is the first step in addressing challenges; this applies as much to the members of a small rural community as it does to the top management of a corporation or a government ministry. We empower all actors with capacity building and formulate recommendations that facilitate the process of change. By increasing decision makers’ awareness of cultural contexts, gender inequalities, human rights violations and migrant issues, they can act upon their commitments towards gender equality and human rights. Saraco supports stakeholders to maximise their efforts and results.

    ”Life, which we received for free, is the most valuable gift we should cherish. Each of us has the right to enjoy all rights that come with this most precious endowment.”
    Saskia Ravesloot,

    Founder & Director, Saraco

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